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Từ bây giờ, mình sẽ cố gắng up trọn bộ ab của các rockband nổi tiếng lên đây, tất nhiên khả năng của mình nó cũng có hạn nên bạn nào mà kiếm đc link thì cố gắng giúp mình nhé :">. Mình sẽ up các ab đã chính thức đc phát hành, và sẽ ko có single hay đại loại như thế.Band đầu tiên mà mình sẽ đưa lên topic này là Metallica. Rockband mình yêu thích nhất, có thể nói mình tôn thờ thứ âm nhạc của họ, nhưng chỉ là 5ab đầu tay thôi nha. Chứ thực ra mấy ab gần đây của Metallica mình ko còn thích nữa, chất nhạc ko còn như trước, họ thay đổi nhưng sự thực thì đã thất bại hoàn toàn. Tuy nhiên, ko vì thế mà mình ko up những ab đó lên :macuoi:. Sau đây là list:I. Kill 'em all – 1983.Posted ImageAlbum đầu tay của nhóm, thời kì mà các thành viên còn trẻ, họ chơi nhạc 1 cách hoang dại, máu lửa. Album này tuy chưa mang tính "nghệ thuật" cao như 2 ab tiếp sau nhưng đã giúp cho Metallica có 1 chút tiếng tăm trên thế giới Rock.Track Listings1. Hit the Lights2. The Four Horsemen3. Motorbreath4. Jump in the Fire5. (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth – Metallica, Burton, Cliff6. Whiplash7. Phantom Lord8. No Remorse9. Seek and Destroy10. Metal Militia Link : Kill "Em AllII. Ride the lightning – 1984.Posted ImageAlbum thứ 2 của nhóm, ra đời ngay sau ab đầu 1 năm. Ab này đã có những điểm nhấn thực sự làm cho Metallica trở thành 1 thế lực, 1 tượng đài của Thrash Metal. Với những ca khúc máu lửa nhưng đầy giai điệu, họ đã làm cho sân khấu Rock trở thành của riêng dòng Thrash Metal. Ca khúc đặc biệt nhất có lẽ là bản metal ballad Fade to black – ca khúc làm cho Metallica khác biệt hẳn so với những band thrash khác.Track Listings1. Fight Fire with Fire2. Ride the Lightning3. For Whom the Bell Tolls4. Fade to Black5. Trapped Under Ice6. Escape7. Creeping Death8. The Call of Ktulu Link: Ride the lightningIII. Master of Puppets – 1986.Posted ImageAlbum thứ 3 của nhóm – 1 trong những ab hay nhất của dòng Thrash Metal, nếu ko muốn nói là của cả thế giới Rock. Thứ âm nhạc trong ab này thật tuyệt, tất cả các ca khúc đều làm bạn ko thể ko chú ý. 2 ca khúc hay nhất là Master of Puppets-tiêu đề của avb- và Orion-1 bản intrusmental bất hủ. Track Listings1. Battery2. Master of Puppets3. The Thing That Should Not Be4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)5. Disposable Heroes6. Leper Messiah7. Orion8. Damage, Inc. Link: Master of PuppetsIV. Blackened ( And jusctice for all) – 1988.Posted ImageAb thứ 4 của nhóm,ab sau cái chết đầy thương tiếc của bassist Cliff Burton. Như tựa đề, ab này mang màu sắc Black với ca khúc Blackened mở đầu, sau đó là And jusctice for all. Trong ab này nhóm đã khai thác các mặt trái của chính phủ ( And justice for all), về nối đau khổ của những ng lính bị thương sau khi từ chiến trường trở về ( One). Track Listings1. Blackened2. …And Justice for All3. Eye of the Beholder4. One5. The Shortest Straw6. Harvester of Sorrow7. The Frayed Ends of Sanity8. To Live Is to Die9. Dyers Eve Link: BlackenedV. Metallica 1991Posted ImageAb thứ 5 – ab thành công nhất của Metallica về mặt kinh doanh cũng như giải thưởng.-Tracklist:1. Enter Sandman (5:31)2. Sad But True (5:24)3. Holier Than (3:47)4. The Unforgiven (6:27)5. Wherever I May Roam (6:44)6. Don't Tread On Me (4:00)7. Through The Never (4:04)8. Nothing Else Matters (6:28)9. Of Wolf And Man (4:16)10. The God That Failed (5:08)11. My Friend Of Misery (6:49)12. The Struggle Within (3:53)13. So What (Bonus)Link: Part 1 || Part 2VI. Load – 1996.Posted Image


Amazon.comWith Load, Metallica takes a dramatic left turn with their music, continuing in the direction suggested by Metallica, their previous album. The songs on Load have groove; they're slower, with far fewer of the lightning-fast riffs that have been Metallica's trademark since their inception. While songs like "Ain't My Bitch" and "Wasting My Hate" are up-tempo and full of the vitriol one would expect from the quintessential heavy metal band, "2 X 4" is hard rock with a blues beat, "Hero of the Day" sounds positively mainstream, and "Mama Said" is an actual, honest-to-god ballad. While some diehard fans may find this mix unappealing, there's plenty to like about this album, including its laid-back, rhythmic orientation, and James Hetfield's characteristic growl tempered by his growing maturity as a vocalist. — Genevieve Williams

Tracklist: 1. Ain't My bich2. 2X43. House Jack Built, The4. Until It Sleeps5. King Nothing6. Hero Of The Day7. Bleeding Me8. Cure9. Poor Twisted Me10. Wasting My Hate11. Mama Said12. Thorn Within13. Ronnie14. Outlaw Torn, The Link: Part 1 || Part 2VII. Reload – 1997Posted Image


Amazon.comFor many heavy metal fans, Metallica epitomizes the genre, especially for those listeners who remember the band's fast-and-furious 1983 debut, Kill 'Em All. As a result, their continued foray into a more stripped-down, laid-back sound with this album has met a mixed response. However, there's enough innovation and just plain strange stuff on this album to make it worth a listen. The creepy "The Memory Remains" is perfectly accentuated by Marianne Faithfull's backing vocals, and "Where the Wild Things Are" features the multilayered vocals and guitars that Metallica is famous for, albeit at about half their usual speed. The opening ("Fuel") and closing ("Fixxxer") tracks are especially strong, and intermixed with some slower, country-inflected tunes are the obnoxious rockers that made Metallica the long-running success they are. –Genevieve Williams

Tracklist:1. Fuel2. Memory Remains, The3. Devil's Dance4. Unforgiven II, The5. Better Than You6. Slither7. Carpe Diem Baby8. Bad Seed9. Where The Wild Things Are10. Prince Charming11. Low Man's Lyric12. Attitude13. Fixxxer Link: ReloadVIII. Garage, IncPosted Image


This double-disc, all-covers release could come to represent a vital turning point for Metallica. While disc 2 is a straightforward collection of every cover the group have recorded in its 16-year history, disc 1 comprises 11 new selections drawn from the oeuvres of such exciting and diverse artists as U.K. punks Discharge and nefarious Australian Nick Cave. The heavier songs, such as the Mercyful Fate medley, Black Sabbath's "Sabbra Cadabra," and the Misfits' "Die Die My Darling," prove that nobody delivers a crunching riff better than these metal veterans. But it is vocalist-guitarist James Hetfields's confident approach toward the likes of Cave's "Loverman" and Bob Seger's "Turn the Page" that delivers the most electricity; here his raw, heartfelt vocals are largely untouched. Given that the recharged group spent only three weeks in the studio recording these tracks, it appears that these guys have remembered the value of studio spontaneity over laborious pontificating. Hopefully, that mindset will resurface in future projects. –Steffan Chirazi

Tracklist:Disc 1:DISC 1:1. Free Speech For The Dumb2. It's Electric3. Sabbra Cadabra4. Turn The Page5. Die, Die My Darling6. Loverman7. Mercyful Fate: Satan's Fall / Curse Of The Pharaohs / A Corpse Without Soul / Into The Coven / Evil8. Astronomy9. Whiskey In The Jar10. Tuesday's Gone11. More I See, The Disc 2:1. Helpless2. Small Hours, The3. Wait, The4. Crash Course In Brain Surgery5. Last Caress / Green Hell6. Am I Evil?7. Blitzkrieg8. Breadfan9. Prince, The10. Stone Cold Crazy11. So What12. Killing Time13. Overkill14. Damage Case15. Stone Dead Forever16. Too Late Too Late Link: Part 1 || Part 2IX. S&M – 1999:Posted Image


Amazon.comAt a point in their career when most bands would rest their laurels upon a greatest-hits package or live album, Metallica has done both, but with a decidedly loopy twist. They've recorded a double-live greatest-hits package with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra "sitting in." Rock history and cutout bins are littered with previous attempts at a rock-symphonic fusion, from Emerson, Lake & Palmer to Deep Purple to the Moody Blues and the Siegel-Schwall Blues Band. But while previous efforts at mixing the low-brow with the high-brow have mostly ended up browbeating the intended audience, S&M plays like a precarious joy ride. Set against the shrewd efforts of a team of orchestrators and arrangers (who employ enough taste to keep proceedings from sounding like one long "Live and Let Die" outtake), Metallica plays for their lives, undercutting their general somber tone by ratcheting up their musicianship several notches. The most underrated player here is SFO guest conductor and soundtrack vet Michael Kamen, whose attention to detail and nuance–and intuitive grasp of the Metallica canon–keeps this unlikely meeting of the minds focused and on track. -Jerry McCulley

Tracklist:DISC 1:1. Ecstasy Of Gold, The2. Call Of Ktulu, The3. Master Of Puppets4. Of Wolf And Man5. Thing That Should Not Be, The6. Fuel7. Memory Remains, The8. No Leaf Clover9. Hero Of The Day10. Devil's Dance11. Bleeding MeDISC 2:1. Nothing Else Matters2. Until It Sleeps3. For Whom The Bell Tolls4. Minus Human5. Wherever I May Roam6. Outlaw Torn, The7. Sad But True8. One9. Enter Sandman10. Battery Link: Part 1 || Part 2X. St.Anger – 2003 ( Nỗi hổ thẹn của Metallica)Posted ImageTracklist:1. (5:50) Frantic2. (7:21) St. Anger3. (8:25) Some Kind Of Monster4. (5:24) Dirty Window5. (8:30) Invisible Kid6. (5:45) My World7. (7:10) Shoot Me Again8. (5:27) Sweet Amber9. (7:07) The Unnamed Feeling10. (5:13) Purify11. (8:47) All Within My HandsXI. Death Magnetic -2008.Posted ImageAB mới nhất của band, được chờ đợi là 1 ab thrash thực sự. Và mặc dù các ca khúc ko hẳn đã là 1 Metallica ngày xưa, nhưng nó cũng phần nào làm cho cơn khát Metal dịu bớt.1. That Was Just Your Life 07:08 2. The End of the Line 07:52 3. Broken, Beat & Scarred 06:25 4. The Day That Never Comes 07:56 5. All Nightmare Long 07:57 6. Cyanide 06:39 7. The Unforgiven III 07:46 8. The Judas Kiss 08:00 9. Suicide & Redemption (Instrumental) 09:57 10. My Apocalypse 05:02 Link: Death Magnetic

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  1. Guns & Roses

    I. Appetite for DestructionPosted ImageTrack listing# Title Lyrics 1. "Welcome to the Jungle" 2. "It's So Easy" 3. "Nightrain" 4. "Out ta Get Me" 5. "Mr. Brownstone" 6. "Paradise City" 7. "My Michelle" 8. "Think About You" 9. "Sweet Child o' Mine" 10. "You're Crazy" 11. "Anything Goes" 12. "Rocket Queen" Download hereII. G N' R LiesPosted ImageTrack listing 1. "Reckless Life" (Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, Chris Weber, Slash) – 3:20 2. "Nice Boys" (Rose Tattoo) – 3:03 3. "Move to the City" (Stradlin, Del James, Weber) – 3:42 4. "Mama Kin" (Steven Tyler) – 3:57 5. "Patience" (Stradlin) – 5:56 6. "Used to Love Her" (Stradlin, Rose) – 3:13 7. "You're Crazy" (Axl Rose, Slash, Stradlin) – 4:10 8. "One in a Million" (Rose) – 6:10Download hereIII. Use Your Illusion IPosted ImageTrack listing 1. "Right Next Door to Hell" (Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, Timo Caltia) – 3:02 2. "Dust N' Bones" (Slash, Stradlin, Duff McKagan) – 4:58 3. "Live and Let Die" (Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney) – 3:04 4. "Don't Cry" (Rose, Stradlin) – 4:45 5. "Perfect Crime" (Rose, Slash, Stradlin) – 2:24 6. "You Ain't the First" (Stradlin) – 2:36 7. "Bad Obsession" (Stradlin, West Arkeen) – 5:28 8. "Back Off Bitch" (Rose, Paul Tobias) – 5:04 9. "Double Talkin' Jive" (Stradlin) – 3:24 10. "November Rain" (Rose) – 8:58 11. "The Garden" (features Alice Cooper) (Rose, Arkeen, Del James) – 5:22 12. "Garden of Eden" (Rose, Slash) – 2:42 13. "Don't Damn Me" (Rose, Slash, Dave Lank) – 5:19 14. "Bad Apples" (Rose, Slash, Stradlin, McKagan) – 4:28 15. "Dead Horse" (Rose) – 4:18 16. "Coma" (Rose, Slash) – 10:14Download hereIV. Use Your Illusion IIPosted ImageTrack listing 1. "Civil War" (Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan) – 7:43 2. "14 Years" (Izzy Stradlin, Rose) – 4:21 3. "Yesterdays" (Rose, West Arkeen, Del James, Billy McCloud) – 3:16 4. "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" (Bob Dylan) – 5:36 5. "Get in the Ring" (Rose, Slash, McKagan) – 5:41 6. "Shotgun Blues" (Rose) – 3:23 7. "Breakdown" (Rose) – 7:05 8. "Pretty Tied Up" (Stradlin) – 4:48 9. "Locomotive" (Rose, Slash) – 8:42 10. "So Fine" (McKagan) – 4:06 11. "Estranged" (Rose, Slash) – 9:24 12. "You Could Be Mine" (Stradlin, Rose) – 5:44 13. "Don't Cry (Alternate Lyrics)" (Rose, Stradlin) – 4:44 14. "My World" (Rose) – 1:24Download hereV. The Spaghetti Incident?Posted ImageTrack listing1. "Since I Don't Have You" 4:202. "New Rose" 2:383. "Down on the Farm" 3:294. "Human Being" 6:485. "Raw Power" 3:126. "Ain't It Fun" 5:067. "Buick Makane" 2:408. "Hair of the Dog" 3:559. "Attitude" 1:2710. "Black Leather" 4:0911. "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory" 3:3512. "I Don't Care About You"4:51Download hereBonus: Unpluged in 1993Track List1. Dead Flowers2. You Ain't The First3. You're Crazy4. Used To Love Her5. Patience6. Knocking On Heavens Door7. One In A Million8. Used To Love Her9.Patience10.Mr. Brownstone11. Move To The City12. Jumpin' Jack FlashDownload hereVII. Chinese Democracy [2008]Posted ImageGenre: Hard RockInfo: [Mp3//192//44100Hz Stereo]Length: 60.24 minCountry: USATrackList:1. Better (5:12)2. Chinese Democracy (5:00)3. IRS (4:41)4. Madagascar (5:52)5. Rhiad And The Bedouins (3:46)6. This I Love (6:24)7. If The World (4:59)8. The Blues (4:53)9. There Was A Time (6:50)10. Catcher In The Rye (5:40)11. Oh My God (3:40)12. Silkworms (3:27)Band:Axl Rose – lead vocalsDizzy Reed – keyboards, piano, percussion, backing vocalsRobin Finck – lead guitar, backing vocalsTommy Stinson – bass guitar, backing vocalsChris Pitman – synthesizer, programmingBryan Mantia – drums, percussionRichard Fortus – rhythm guitar, backing vocalsBumblefoot – lead guitarFrank Ferrer – drums, percussionDownload here

  2. Ủng hộ topic rock instrumental.Link Sharebee,trong đó gồm có link Mega,Rapid,Badongo,zShare.Have fun. :macuoi: Christmas Eve And Other Stories (1996)Quality: MP3, VBR 256 kb/sPosted Image01. An Angel Came Down02. O Come All Ye Faithful / O Holy Night03. A Star To Follow04. First Snow05. The Silent Nutcracker06. A Mad Russian's Christmas07. The Prince Of Peace08. Christmas Eve. Sarajevo 12-2409. Good King Joy10. Ornament11. The First Noel12. Old City Bar13. Promises To Keep14. This Christmas Day15. An Angel Returned16. O Holy Night17. God Rest Ye Merry GentlemenChristmas Eve And Other Stories:LinkThe Christmas Attic (1998)Quality: MP3, CBR 256 kb/sPosted Image01. The Ghosts of Christmas Eve02. Boughs of Holly03. The World That She Sees04. Midnight Christmas Eve05. The March of the Kings / Hark the Herald Angel06. The Three Kings and I (What Really Happened)07. Christmas Canon08. Joy / Angels We Have Heard on High09. Find Our Way Home10. Appalachian Snowfall11. The Music Box12. The Snow Came Down13. Christmas in the Air14. Dream Child (A Christmas Dream)15. An Angel's Share16. Music Box BluesThe Christmas Attic:Part1Part2Beethoven's Last Night (2000)Quality: MP3, CBR 192 kb/sPosted Image01. Overture02. Midnight03. Fate04. What Good This Deafness05. Mephistopheles06. What Is Eternal07. The Moment08. Vienna09. Mozart Figaro10. The Dreams Of Candlelight11. Requiem (The Fifth)12. I'll Keep Your Secrets13. The Dark14. Fur Elise15. After The Fall16. A Last Illusion17. This Is Who You Are18. Beethoven19. Mephistopheles' Return20. Misery21. Who Is This Child22. A Final Dream23. Whoville Medley (Perfect Christmas Night-Grinch) (bonus. from the movie 'The Grinch')Beethoven's Last Night:Part1Part2The Lost Christmas Eve (2004)Quality: MP3, VBR 256 kb/sPosted Image01. Faith Noel02. The Lost Christmas Eve03. Christmas Dreams04. Wizards In Winter05. Remember06. Anno Domine07. Christmas Concerto08. Queen Of The Winter Night09. Christmas Nights In Blue10. Christmas Jazz11. Christmas Jam12. Siberian Sleigh Ride13. What Is Christmas14. For The Sake Of Our Brother15. The Wisdom Of Snow16. Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness)17. Back To A Reason (Part II)18. Christmas Bells, Carousels & Time19. What Child Is This20. O' Come All Ye Faithful21. Christmas Canon Rock22. Different Wings23. Midnight ClearThe Lost Christmas Eve:Part1Part2Live In Hershey (2006)Quality: MP3, VBR 256 kb/sPosted ImageCD1==========01. March of the kings02. Christmas eve03. An angel came down04. O come all ye faithful / o holy night05. The prince of peace (Part 1)06. First snow07. A mad Russian's Christmas08. The prince of peace (Part 2)09. Christmas eve / Sarajevo10. Good king joy11. Ornament12. Old city bar1Ē. Promises to keep14. His Christmas dayCD2==========01. An angel returned02. Chris talks and band introductions03. Christmas nights in blue04. Layla (Eric Clapton)05. Christmas jam06. A last illusion07. An angels share08. Drum solo09. Mozart: Figaro10. Wizards in winter11. Christmas canon rock12. The queen of the winter night13. Carmina burana14. Beethoven15. Keyboard duel: wish Liszt (toy shop madness)16. Christmas eve in SarajevoLive In Hershey:Part1Part2Part3Part4

  3. Chuyển vào topic Discography nhá.Hix hix, link rapid thì lại chơi khó anh em rồi.Mà mình đang down đống Manowar, tạm ngưng down đống nàyhehe, thanks nhá.

  4. 4 loại link mờ.Badongo down ngon chán.Nhưng down xong nhớ rename file lại (nếu chưa đúng)-> đuôi .rar

  5. Tiếp theo sẽ là Nirvana.1. BleachPosted ImageTracklist:1. Blew � 2:542. Floyd the Barber � 2:183. About a Girl � 2:484. School � 2:425. Love Buzz (Robbie van Leeuwen) � 3:356. Paper Cuts � 4:067. Negative Creep � 2:568. Scoff � 4:109. Swap Meet � 3:0310. Mr. Moustache � 3:2411. Sifting � 5:2212. Big Cheese � 3:4213. Downer � 1:43 (bonus track)Download here2. Nevermind (24 sept 1991):Posted ImageTracklist:1. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Cobain/Nirvana) – 5:022. In Bloom (Cobain/Nirvana) – 4:153. Come as You Are (Cobain/Nirvana) – 3:394. Breed (Cobain/Nirvana) – 3:045. Lithium (Cobain) – 4:176. Polly (Cobain/Nirvana) – 2:577. Territorial Pissings (Cobain/Nirvana) – 2:238. Drain You (Cobain/Nirvana) – 3:449. Lounge Act (Cobain/Nirvana) – 2:3710. Stay Away (Cobain/Nirvana) – 3:3311. On a Plain (Cobain/Nirvana) – 3:1712. Something In The Way (Cobain/Nirvana) – 3:5113. Endless, Nameless (Hidden track in "Something In The Way") (Cobain/Nirvana)Download here3. IncesticidePosted ImageTrack listing 1. "Dive" (Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic) – 3:55 2. "Sliver" (Cobain, Novoselic) – 2:16 3. "Stain" (Cobain, Novoselic) – 2:40 4. "Been a Son" (Cobain, Novoselic) – 1:55 5. "Turnaround" (Mark Mothersbaugh, Gerald Casale) – 2:19 6. "Molly's Lips" (Eugene Kelly, Frances McKee) – 1:54 7. "Son of a Gun" (Kelly, McKee) – 2:48 8. "(New Wave) Polly" (Cobain, Novoselic, Dave Grohl) – 1:47 9. "Beeswax" – 2:50 10. "Downer" (Cobain, Novoselic) – 1:43 11. "Mexican Seafood" – 1:55 12. "Hairspray Queen" – 4:13 13. "Aero Zeppelin" (Cobain, Novoselic) – 4:41 14. "Big Long Now" (Cobain, Novoselic) – 5:03 15. "Aneurysm" (Cobain, Novoselic, Grohl) – 4:36Download here4. In Utero (21 sept 1993):Posted ImageTracklist:1. Serve The Servants (Cobain) – 3:342. Scentless Apprentice (Cobain/Grohl/Novoselic) – 3:473. Heart-Shaped Box (Cobain) – 4:394. Rape Me (Cobain) – 2:495. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (Cobain) – 4:076. Dumb (Cobain) – 2:297. Very Ape (Cobain) – 1:558. Milk It (Cobain) – 3:529. Pennyroyal Tea (Cobain) – 3:3610. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Cobain) – 4:4911. Tourette's (Cobain) – 1:3312. All Apologies (Cobain) – 3:5013. Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip (Cobain/Grohl/Novoselic) – 7:33Download here5. Unplugged in New York (1st nov 1994):Posted ImageTracklist:1. About a girl (Cobain)2. Come as you are (Cobain/Grohl/Novoselic)3. Jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam (Kelly/McKee)4. The man who sold the world (Bowie)5. Pennyroyal tea (Cobain)6. Dumb (Cobain)7. Polly (Cobain/Grohl/Novoselic)8. On a plain (Cobain/Grohl/Novoselic)9. Something in the way (Cobain/Grohl/Novoselic)10. Plateau (Kirkwood)11. Oh me (Kirkwood)12. Lake of fire (Kirkwood)13. All apologies (Cobain)14. Where did you sleep last night? (Leadbelly)Download here


    Posted ImageHeavy MetalUSAAll: MP3, 320 kbit/s, 44KHz, StereoLink Ifolder (My favorite band, my musical dose :huhu: )1982 – Battle HymnsPosted Image01 Death Tone02 Metal Daze03 Fast Taker04 Shell Shock05 Manowar06 Dark Avenger07 William's Tale08 Battle Hymns83MB1983 – Into Glory RidePosted Image01. Warlord02. Secrets Of Steel03. Gloves Of Metal04. Gates Of Valhalla05. Hatred06. Revelation (Death's Angel)07. March For Revenge (By The Soldiers Of Death) Part 1 53mbpart 2 51 mb1984 – Hail To England Posted Image01. Blood Of My Enemies02. Each Dawn I Die03. Kill With Power04. Hail To England05. Army Of The Immortals06. Black Arrows07. Bridge Of Death77MB1984 – Sign Of The HammerPosted Image01. All Men Play On Ten02. Animals03. Thor (The Power Head)04. Mountains05. Sign Of The Hammer06. The Oath07. Thunder Pick08. Guyana (Cult Of The Damned) 93MB1987 – Fighting The WorldPosted Image01. Fighting The World02. Blow Your Speakers03. Carry On04. Violence And Bloodshed05. Defender06. Drums Of Doom07. Holy War08. Master Of Revenge09. Black Wind, Fire And Steel 79MB1988 – Kings Of Metal Posted Image01. Wheels Of Fire02. Kings Of Metal03. Heart Of Steel04. Sting of the Bumblebee05. The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings)06. Kingdom Come07. Hail And Kill08. The Warriors Prayer09. Blood Of The Kings10. Pleasure Slave (Bonus) Part 1 53MBpart 2 52MB1992 – The Triumph Of SteelPosted Image1. Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts 28:362. Metal Warriors 03:543. Ride The Dragon 04:334. Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee 06:025. Burning 05:106. The Power Of The Sword 07:507. The Demon's Whip 07:508. Master Of The Wind 05:27 Part 1 86MBpart 2 80MB1993 – Metal Warriors (EP) Posted Image1. Metal Warriors2. Herz aus Stahl3. Fighting the World (live)4. Metal Warriors (live)43MB1996 – Louder Than Hell Posted Image01. Return Of The Warlord02. Brothers Of Metal pt. 103. The Gods Made Heavy Metal04. Courage05. Number 106. Outlaw07. King08. Today Is A Good Day To Die09. My Spirit Lives On10. The Power Part1 62MBpart 2 54MB1996 – Return Of The Warlord (EP)Posted Image1. Return of the Warlord2. Warlord (live)22MB2002 – Live In Germany The Ringfest1. Intro2. Manowar3. Kings Of Metal4. Eric's Speech5. Herz Aus Stahl6. Evil Eclipse7. Warriors Of The World United8. Kill With Power9. House Of Death10. Joey's Speech11. Black Wind, Fire And Steel12. Outro: The Crown And The Ring 62MB Part 156MB Part 22002 – The Dawn Of Battle (Single)Posted Image1. The Dawn Of Battle2. I Believe3. Call To Arms32MB2002 – Warriors Of The WorldPosted Image01. Call To Arms02. The Fight For Freedom03. Nessun Dorma04. Valhalla05. Swords In The Wind06. An American Trilogy07. The March08. Warriors Of The World United09. Hand Of Doom10. House Of Death11. Fight Until We Die Part 1 57MBPart 22002 – Warriors Of The World United Part I (Single)1. Warriors Of The World United2. March For Revenge (live)3. Carry On (live)45MB2002 – Warriors Of The World United Part II (Single)1. “Warriors Of The World United“2. “Kill With Power” – live3. “Nessun Dorma” – live33MB2005 – The Ascension – King Of Kings (Single)Posted Image1. Intro2. King Of KingsDL2006 – The Sons Of Odin (Immortal Edition)Posted Image1. The Acension (Live at Earthshaker Fest 2005) (2:49)2. King of Kings (Live at Earthshaker Fest 2005) (4:21)3. Odin (Orchestral version) (3:43)4. Gods Of War (6:51)5. The Sons Of Odin (6:23)DLI love this band for their lyrics, images, tracks. They make me stronger and stronger, dare to chanllenges.Ak ak ak :madown: nhìu bà cố,post xong điên lun.

  7. Đôi lời về Manowar… Là 1 heavy metal band kỳ cựu thành lập năm 1980 ở New York.Lyric nhấn mạnh về dòng heavy metal, những trận chiến thần thoại, đặc biệt là thần thoại Nauy. Năm 1984, họ đc vào sách Guinness cho show diễn "loudest", họ cũng lập kỉ lục show Heavy metal dài nhất với 5h1' ở Bulgaria năm 2008.Bán đc hơn 9tr bản.Hình như năm nay mới ra single,ko bít khi nào có full album.

  8. NickelbackI. The StatePosted ImageThe State Tracks1. Breathe2. Cowboy Hat3. Leader Of Men4. Old Enough5. Worthy To Say6. Diggin' This7. Deep8. One Last Run9. Not Leavin' Yet10. Hold Out Your Hand11. Leader Of Men (Acoustic)Download hereII. Silver Side UpPosted ImageSilver Side Up Tracks1. Never Again2. How You Remind Me3. Woke Up This Morning4. Too Bad5. Just For6. Hollywood7. Look What Your Money Bought8. Where Do I Hide9. Hangnail10. Good Times GoneDownload hereIII. CurbTrack Title1. Little Friend2. Pusher3. Detangler4. Curb5. Where?6. Falls Back On7. Sea Groove8. Fly9. Just Four10. Left11. Window Shopper12. I Don't HavePart 1 || Part 2IV. The Long RoadPosted ImageThe Long Road Tracks1. Flat on the Floor2. Do This Anymore3. Someday4. Believe It or Not5. Feelin' Way Too Damn Good6. Because of You7. Figured You Out8. Should've Listened9. Throw Yourself Away10. Another Hole in the Head11. See You at the ShowDownload hereV. All the right reasonsPosted Image1. Animals[CD]2. Far Away[CD]3. Fight For All The Wrong Reasons[CD]4. Follow You Home[CD]5. If Everyone Cared[CD]6. Next Contestant[Cd]7. Photograph[CD]8. Rockstar[CD]9. Savin' Me[CD]10. Side of a Bullet[CD]11. Someone That You're With[CD]12. Photograph [Live]13. Animals [Live]14. Follow You Home [Live]15. Photograph [DVD]16. Savin' Me [DVD]17. Far Away [DVD]18. If Everyone Cared[DVD]Download hereVI. Dark Horse -2008 (new album) :I released this album, click here to see it.Bonus: Savin' me – Promo CD: Download here

  9. Tiếp theo là Discography của 1 band Phần Lan cực kỳ nổi tiếng: NightwishTrong các link part 1, part 2 thì có đầy đủ cover lẫn lyrics.1. Angel Fall First (1997): Link từng track: part 1: Part 2: front cover: Posted ImageLink back cover:… Oceanborn 1998: Link từng track:…a37815f3a0a3647 0489bba2DL part 1: Part 2: front cover:… back cover:… Wishmaster 2000: Link từng track:…a37815f2aa22a8a 6d344f9cDL part 1: Part 2: cover:… back cover:… Over The Hills And Far Away 2001: Link từng track:…a37815f425dfcdd 4c1ee8e4Front cover:… back cover:… Over The Hills And Far Away (EP): cover:…way%20front.jpgLink back cover:…Away%20back.jpg6. Century Child 2002: Link từng track:…a37815fe49a49f0 581e662bDL part 1: Part 2: cover:… back cover:… Once 2004: Link từng track:…a37815f1fa26e5e fc9b3c8bDL part 1: Part 2: cover:… back cover:… Amarant (single) 2007: 98b5f43aFront cover:… back cover:… Dark Passion Play (2007)DL part 1: Part 2: cover:… back cover:…ả hỉu sao add images ko đc nên covers chỉ đưa link thôi.Cứ bị lỗi này: You have entered a link to a website that the administrator does not allow links to. Tức quá!!!!!! :matungtang: Ặc, up xong mệt dã man. Dù bít ko ai quan tâm vẫn thik up chứ.Hehe :manongnanh:

  10. Tiếp theo là XJapan nhé, có mấy ng request rồi mà tớ chưa post, nhân dịp khai trương theme mới, post thôi:I. Vanishing Vision 1988Posted ImageTracklist:01. Dear Loser02. Vanishing Love03. Phantom Of Guilt04. Sadictic Desire05. Give Me The Pleasure06. I'll Kill You07. Alive08. Kurenai09. Un-finishedDownload hereII. Blue Blood 1989Posted ImageTracklist:01. Prologue ~ World Anthem02. Blue Blood03. Week End04. Easy Fight Rambling05. X06. Endless Rain07. Kurenai08. X Clamation09. Orgasm10. Celebration11. Rose Of Pain12. UnfinishedDownload here: P1 || P2III. Jealousy 1991Posted Image01. Es Dur No Piano-sen02. Silent Jealousy03. Miscast04. Desperate Angel05. White Wind From Mr. Martin06. Voiceless Screaming07. Stab Me In The Back08. Love Replica09. Joker10. Say AnythingDownload here: P1 || P2IV. Art Of Life 1993Posted ImageTracklist:01. Art Of LifeDownload hereV. Dahlia 1996Posted ImageTracklist:01. Dahlia02. Scars03. Longing04. Rusty Nail05. White Poem I06. Crucify My Love07. Tears08. Wriggle09. Drain10. Forever Love [acoustic version]Download here: P1 || P2Tiếp theo là 2 album gồm các bài hát đc chơi bằng guitar và Piano của X:VI.X-Japan on PianoTracklist:01. Forever Love.mp302. Longing.mp303. Endless Rain.mp304. Crucify My Love.mp305. Alive.mp306. Say Anything.mp307. Unfinished.mp308. Tears.mp309. The Last Song.mp3Download hereVII. X-Japan on Guitar:Tracklist:01. The Last Song.mp302. Longing.mp303. Endless Rain.mp304. Unfinished.mp305. Crucify my Love.mp306. Alive.mp307. Say Anything.mp308. Tears.mp309. Amethyst.mp3Download here

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